There is some dispute over who actually said, “The ends justify the means,” but there is no ambiguity over its meaning. It means if you’re a Democratic senator desperately trying to block the confirmation to the Supreme Court of a rock solid judge like Brett Kavanaugh, and you have no ammunition left, it’s OK to resort to anything as long as you can stop his appointment.

With the sole purpose of destroying Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation and his Supreme Court bid, Christine Ford is bringing forward a 35-year-old assault claim from high school. The timing, her motives as a Democrat and a lack of some key details makes her story seem sketchy.

If you don’t think this is political, consider that Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein knew about this on July 30. She sat on it until last week to make maximum political use out it, which I think is despicable. When a salacious claim like this is thrown as a last-minute Hail Mary by the Democrats, it wreaks more of desperation than of trying to right an alleged wrong.

Remember, this is one unsubstantiated accusation against 65 women who quickly stepped up to vouch for Kavanaugh’s character.

Listen to this carefully: If a woman is sexually assaulted by anyone, the assailant needs to be held accountable. That’s non-negotiable. I just question the authenticity of this claim.

What are your thoughts?

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.