It’s here. It’s finally here. I’m talking about football season. This weekend all of our teams from high school to the pros are in action.

Are you going to cheer for UK or U of L? I know I’m wading into dangerous territory with that question. Each year we want our favorite team to be better, but you may want to ask yourself “can I be a better fan?”

Coach Satterfield and his team are starting a new era. You bought the tickets, you have the jersey. Good fans don’t walk out at halftime. Stick around and support your team.

At UK, Coach Stoops and his team have prepared for another strong season. Don’t sit around and complain about stadium beer sales. Put your energy into supporting the student athletes who have worked so hard, and want to win. No matter who you cheer for, I hope it’s a great season filled with great fans of the game.

I’m Barry Fulmer, and that’s my Point of View.