I have been wondering lately, how did we twist our thinking so far out of shape? We have replaced our optimism and our can-do attitude with pessimism and negativity.

Within minutes after the Academy Award nominees were announced, there were lists of who got snubbed and weren’t nominated instead of giving the ones who were nominated a minute to enjoy their success. So many people talked about how boring the Super Bowl instead of celebrating two great defenses that played brilliantly on the biggest stage.

USA Today likes to let us know how the Twitter universe is reacting to this or that. I’ll tell you. It’s negative. It’s predominately negative regardless of the topic. That’s why I stopped looking at how Twitter reacts to anything.

If you constantly fill your head with negative thoughts, you will eventually produce negative results. Look at history. We didn’t win World War II with negativism. We didn’t put men on the moon with negative attitudes. And I promise you, we don’t lead the world in medicine and science because of the naysayers on Twitter.

This doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to the problems in the world, but we need to try harder to celebrate big moments and burn less energy on creating unnecessary drama. It’s true with computers and it’s true with people: garbage in, garbage out.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.