In 2017. everyone celebrated when Google announced it was bringing its high-speed fiber to Louisville. Soon after the installation started, the reality was hardly worth cheering for.

City leaders allowed Google to come in with the promise of great things. What we got was failure: torn up streets and a fast exit from a company that suddenly pulled the plug on us. Google paid the city $3.8 million to clean up the destruction it left behind and ran out of town.

Louisville started repaving streets a few weeks ago, but in some cases, the job is only getting half done. Many roads aren’t getting the full treatment. Instead, crews are just repaving the sides of the road where Google dug trenches.

The result is a mashup of asphalt that looks terrible and scars the streets. This is an ugly reminder of the mistake we made. I hope our leaders learn from this and think twice before offering up our city as a failed scientific experiment.

I’m Barry Fulmer, and that’s my point of view.