Once again, I was very disappointed in Gov. Matt Bevin but not surprised. He has frequently displayed a thin skin and can't stand it if someone pokes a little fun at him. A couple weeks ago, he congratulated the Kentucky men’s basketball team for making the Elite Eight, which was nice, but completely forgot that the Louisville women did the same thing.

Coach Jeff Walz, who always has a sense of humor, kidded the governor a little by saying, "I'll make sure to let my players know you said congrats." Since Bevin never admits mistakes and must always save face, he went on Terry Meiners show last week and said that U of L lost to Connecticut because Walz was too distracted by his tweets and was out coached. Really? That was necessary? That’s just hitting below the belt.

I wish Bevin was a more gracious man. As governor, he hasn't accomplished a fraction of what Jeff Walz has as a coach, a mentor or a man. With Bevin's record, he is certainly the last person who should be critiquing someone else’s job performance, let alone Jeff Walz, who is an A+ elite coach.

I don’t know why Bevin is spending his precious time being needlessly nasty when we could all benefit from him focusing on the true problems he was elected to address.

What are your thoughts?

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

WDRB President and General Manager