POV | Bill Lamb

A few weeks ago, Greater Louisville Inc., or GLI, was named a finalist for Chamber of the Year. One of three finalists, in fact, out of 7,000 chambers of commerce. The top award was then presented last Wednesday during the annual meeting of the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives in Des Moines.

The winner was Charleston, South Carolina. Barely.

This is remarkable, because just four years ago, GLI was on the verge of extinction, just trying to survive. Now, it is thriving.

And during the last four years, Greater Louisville Inc.'s success, growth and, most importantly, its impact on Louisville's business community, is undeniable. Perhaps like never before, GLI has engaged virtually every sector of the area business scene. And it has emerged as the area's primary driver in talent recruitment efforts.

GLI helps attract businesses, and businesses brings jobs and pay taxes. From that we all benefit. GLI's four-year run has been fun to watch, and it has made a substantial impact in this area's business climate ... as well as Louisville's overall quality of life.

GLI's success is derived from its ability to engage the business community through programs that make a real difference. I can't overstate how fortunate I think we are to have Kent Oyler leading the organization, a very strong board of directors and an energetic staff of 33 employees who love what they do.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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