We’ve all seen people pull into a handicapped parking space, hop out of the car and walk into the store, right? They are perfectly healthy but they are trying to game the system. If you were to tell them, “Hey!  That space is for handicapped people,” they might shout back at you, “I have a handicapped parking tag!” As if that settles it.

Here’s the point. The handicapped parking pass is issued to the person with the handicap, not to the car. It is not transferable and just because you are in possession of someone else’s pass doesn’t mean you get to use it, if they aren’t there. Now that you know this, I hope you are very self-conscious the next time you are trying to grab a parking space from someone who really may need it. I hope you’re aware that people are watching you and judging you because they probably are.


While we’re talking about it, you should never park in the ramp section next to a handicapped parking space. People in wheel chairs need that space to access their vehicles. It’s there for a reason, and it isn’t for you to park in.

The world is selfish enough. We need to be more considerate of each other and a good place to start is by not taking advantage of handicapped people. 

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I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.