With the devastation Florence has caused in the Carolinas, mostly as a result of unprecedented flooding, the Red Cross is there right now to help. They are giving people shelter, food, blankets, clothing and comfort. That’s what the Red Cross does. They rush in to every disaster to help people just like you and me who are in trouble.

The executive director of the Kentucky Red Cross has already been deployed, and she’s there right now leading the aid effort along with many local volunteers who rushed there to help.

Did you know The Red Cross is almost completely privately funded? They rely on people like us to donate dollars that they can turn into aid. Every time you see a house fire on the news, the Red Cross is there. Every tornado, every hurricane, every flood, The Red Cross can help because of private funds donated by people like you.

If you’ve wanted to help our friends in the Carolinas but don’t know what to do, help the Red Cross help them. Go to Red Cross.org or text “Florence” to 90999 and make a donation or call the number on your screen. If your home was flooded and you had nowhere to turn, you would want someone to help you. This is your chance to pay it forward through the Red Cross.

The number is 800-RED CROSS.

I’m Bill Lamb, a proud board member of the Red Cross, and that’s my point of view.