I do most of my driving in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, so perhaps my experience with how different states handle road construction is a little limited. 

I just drove from Louisville to Peoria, Illinois for Memorial Day weekend and what I observed has been the same thing I’ve seen for more than 23 years;  Indiana road construction is the worst I think I’ve ever seen.  It’s not that they have so much construction going on, because I don’t think it’s more than most states.  It’s that they take so long to do it.  That is probably because I seldom actually see any work being done.  All the equipment I passed on Friday was sitting unattended.  When I drive through miles of Indiana construction, I almost never see anyone actually working. 

If I wanted to run for governor of Indiana and win, my platform would be that road crews would be required to work three shifts around the clock until the job is done.  I would put incentives on finishing ahead of schedule and big penalties if they are late. 

We know this system works because that’s how we got two bridges, a tunnel, and Spaghetti Junction completed in about two years – all of it on schedule.  I would like to know who benefits from this laissez faire construction schedule that Indiana currently employs.

What are your thoughts?  Call us.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my point of view.

WDRB President and General Manager