When other people make mistakes, I've been known to point them out on occasion, so I can't spare myself when we make a mistake, and last Saturday we made a big one. While UK was playing Seton Hall, in overtime, Fox cut out of the game to go to the U of L/Indiana game.

Fox Sports contacted me last Friday and said, "We have a half hour between games, so there shouldn't be a problem, but if the UK game runs long, we're going to cut out of it and go to the U of L game. You'll need to move the UK game to WBKI."

I didn't push back on that, as I should have, because I thought there was enough time between games.

Then overtime happened.

Yes, we ran a message on the screen that said UK game would be moving to WBKI. Nobody needed to miss a dribble. But that was inconvenient for viewers, rude to UK fans and didn't take into account the people who were recording the game. I apologize.

What we should have done, and will if this situation ever comes up again, is start the second game on WBKI until the first game is over, then switch back. We never should have let Fox cut out of a game still in progress. I spoke with Fox today and they agree.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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