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Congratulations kids, you’re failing in school.  That would be a horrible thing to say to a child, but that’s what the new Indiana state test results are showing us.

The new I-learn test scores show only 47 percent of Indiana’s third through eighth graders are meeting the new standards for math and English.  So, what’s at stake? Teachers’ performances could be called into question, and schools could receive a failing grade. 

But did students really fail the test, or did the test fail the students?  The State Schools Superintendent Jennifer McCormick said she doesn’t believe the students are backsliding.  She insists that the new test is more rigorous.

Indiana has switched standardized tests three times in five years and each new exam has exposed a new set of problems. The question we must ask is, does standardized testing benefit students?  If it doesn’t, state education leaders need to stay after school and sharpen their own pencils until they find the right solution.

I’m Barry Fulmer and that’s my Point of View.