This is college football’s Great Rivalry Week! Alabama plays Auburn, Florida is at Florida State, Ohio State takes on Michigan, Notre Dame at USC, and Kentucky comes to Louisville.

But the self-described Toughest Conference in America, the SEC has a disturbing practice. Many of the top SEC teams essentially took last week off before playing their big rivalry games, by scheduling easy games against cupcake teams. Alabama took on The Citadel. There is no reason known to man why The Citadel should ever be on the same field with Alabama.

Auburn destroyed tiny Liberty. So Alabama and Auburn ought to be all rested up for their big game.

Georgia toyed with UMass in a laugher. LSU blasted Rice. Florida invited Idaho to a massacre. South Carolina whomped Chattanooga, and Kentucky played Middle Tennessee. In the meantime, the Big Ten, as they always do, played other Big Ten teams. ACC teams played each other too.

This gives the best SEC teams a better chance to avoid injuries and save energy in case one of them gets into the Playoff Series. While it may seem smart, it doesn’t seem fair that SEC teams only have to play 8 conference games while most other major conferences play 9. It doesn’t look like they want to change it either.

What are your thoughts? Is it smart or wimpy of the South Eastern Conference? Call and tell us.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.