POV | Bill Lamb

By: Bill Lamb

WDRB President and General Manager

There is a project unfolding across the state that some are calling the single greatest economic development project this state has ever seen. That is a bold, attention-getting statement, but it really could be a game-changer for Kentucky.

A few years ago, then-democratic Gov. Steve Beshear and House Republican Hal Rogers worked together to create what would ultimately become Kentucky Wired. This is a project consisting of 3,000 miles of ultra-high-speed fiber optic cable going into every county in Kentucky to bring internet access to everyone. We are the first state in the country to build an open-access middle mile network into every county.

The network will go to state government offices, universities and libraries. Half of the fiber will be leased to private companies, so Kentucky Wired will be a tremendous revenue generator for the state. It will attract business to Kentucky and that translates into jobs.

People will have access to health care they have never had before. Education and research will also benefit. Distance will no longer be a barrier. Agriculture will be changed forever. Farmers must be more precise than ever in how they use their acres, and this will help them.

The fiber is being installed in eastern Kentucky first and is moving westward across the state. It's always nice when Kentucky can lead the nation, especially with something this positive.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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