By: Bill Lamb

President and General Manager

WDRB Media

Of all the teachers I had from kindergarten through high school, I felt every teacher cared about us very much. Like most of you, I am a big supporter of teachers. My wife's family all are teachers.

Being a good teacher isn't easy, but it has to start by being there for the kids and not abandoning them for an impromptu political rally. I understand that when you're trying to cause or prevent change you must use your leverage, but almost everyone agrees using children as the leverage has usually been near the top of the list of what not to do.

The "sick out" Wednesday and Thursday is beyond troublesome. Teachers need the community's support, but pulling stunts like that erodes support quickly. It leaves employers shorthanded as tens of thousands of parents either stay home and lose a day's pay, or scramble to find and pay for daycare. That's a bad way to gain support. It was such a selfish, corrosive action that even the teacher's own union wanted no part of it.

The unintended lessons the sick out is teaching kids is that lying about being sick, truancy, and a situational work ethic is OK.

We simply can't let children be used as pawns, and if another sick out happens JCPS and other school districts should take strong disciplinary action with full support from the teacher’s unions.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

WDRB President and General Manager