Remember all those press conferences Mayor Fischer had when Google Fiber was coming to town? Funny, I must have missed his press conference last week when Google announced they were leaving us high and dry. After years of hype, it turns out Louisville isn’t getting Google Fiber after all.

So, what did we get? Lots of torn up streets, and the dubious distinction of being the only city in the country that Google has ever abandoned.

True, only a small portion of Louisville ever had access to Google's superfast Internet service. True, AT&T has installed fifteen times as much fiber all over our area. But this is still a kick in the gut.

Landing Google wasn’t easy. We passed the utility pole law Google asked us for, but never used. We spent $400,000 of your money on lawyers to defend that law. We allowed Google to give us a slipshod construction job. Now, one of the biggest and richest companies in the world just doesn’t feel like spending the money to start over and do things right.

But don’t worry – the lessons they learned in Louisville will help all those other cities that aren’t letting themselves be taken advantage of.

Mayor Fischer said it himself a few years ago: Google Fiber sends a huge signal to the world about Louisville, but unfortunately, this isn’t the message we would choose.

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I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

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