We have entered another political season, and this one will last for another 18 months. As voters, I want to remind you of a few basic things.

The ads purchased by political action committees are required to be truthful. Often, they are of full of misleading statements and damaging accusations,  but they weave just enough truth to meet the letter of the law.  As television operators, if we catch them in an untruthful statement, we have the authority and obligation to remove their ad. 

Not true with Federal political candidates. They are unlimited in what they can say. The law says a station must broadcast a candidate’s ad uncensored – no matter how offensive, distasteful, untruthful or defamatory it may be. 

I’m not saying all political candidates lie – let’s make that clear, but you and I, as voters, have an obligation to be informed.  We must question statements made as facts and do a little research. We shouldn’t vote for a candidate based on solely their sex, race, age or whether they shook our hands once at a fish fry any more than you should bet big on a racehorse because you like his name.

My advice is watch the ads, watch the debates, listen to what they say, but do your homework. Question what they say. You have the privilege to vote and with that comes an obligation to be informed.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.