POV | Bill Lamb

I was sickened to learn from a Pennsylvania grand jury investigation how many children were sexually abused by supposed men of God in the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. The study found that, over 60 years, more than 1,000 victims were molested by more than 300 predator priests, and I suspect those don’t even approach the real numbers. Even worse, that number can be multiplied over and over again if you look at what these pedophiles did in Catholic churches across the country.

Across the world!

I don’t understand the perversion that causes adults to abuse children sexually, but I really don’t understand how church officials could hide and protect these pedophile priests, how they could cover up for them, how they could transfer them so they could do it again and again.

Had this come to light earlier, yes, it would have been embarrassing for the church, but they might have been able change the culture of the church. Instead, the cover-ups allowed many more children to be molested for decades that followed. Regardless of the consequences to the church, how could supposed men of God protect such heinous behavior and allow it to continue?

This is just one study in one state. This is still happening all over the world in Catholic churches to this day. There is no justification to protect these criminals who pose as godly men.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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