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The conversation over journalism and journalists has been interesting over the past few weeks.

President Trump has said the media is the enemy of the American people. Many journalists have pushed back saying no, the media is essential to a Democracy.

Regardless of which side you're on, we can all take these positions publicly because we're allowed to in the United States.

I just got back this week from Ukraine where I was meeting with Ukrainian journalists. When the Russians invaded eastern Ukraine, the first thing they did after gaining control was storm the newspapers and television stations, shutting them down. These journalists, driven out of their offices, even out of their homes, didn't give up. They went online to continue telling fellow Ukrainians and the world what Russia is still doing to their country.

We may argue about the value of journalism, but the Russians know the power of a free media. That's why it was the first thing they tried to shut down after they gained control.

These journalists know that their work is critical to sustaining their fragile democracy. They risk everything because they are the only link between the front line and an informed Ukrainian people.

Meetings like the one I had in Ukraine remind me how fortunate we are to have a free press and to be able to argue about it.

What are your thoughts?

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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