US Senator Mitch McConnell is under attack, and the Democrats aren’t the only ones taking aim at him. Morning Talk Show host Joe Scarborough got the ball rolling during a rant about voter security legislation. Scarborough took a cheap shot, calling the senator “Moscow Mitch” to attack his character.

Scarborough went so far as to claim McConnell is quote “Aiding and abetting Putin’s attempts to subvert U. S. Democracy.”

In addition to MSNBC, two opinion writers from the Washington Post jumped on board the anti-McConnell bandwagon calling him a “Russian Asset”.

Mitch McConnell wants to keep the hands of the federal government out of state politics. Yes, I’m sure he wants better oversight for elections, but not at the level Democrats are demanding.

Republicans and Democrats will always argue over policy as they guide our country forward. I just don’t think we need to stoop to name-calling and questioning the patriotism of a six-term senator.

I’m Barry Fulmer, and That’s my Point of View.