This government shutdown is now the longest in history. To some in Washington, it's just another political battle. It's a high stakes game of chicken.

To 800,000 federal employees, this is a real-world problem and it's getting more real every day. Many live paycheck to paycheck and to miss a few puts their credit ratings at risk. Food, house and car payments - nothing can be taken for granted.

That's why I think it is remarkable that so many TSA agents and air traffic controllers are still showing up for work. They are the grownups in the room. They are the ones who know that this is so much more than a political game of wills. It is literally life and death and the aviation system depends on them being there.

I wonder if our politicians have thought about what would happen if no one could travel by air. What effect would that have on our economy? I also wonder how many of us would show up to do a job we weren't getting paid for.

Probably not many.

So while the politicians are posturing, something tragic could happen and, of course if it does, they will blame each other. But most of the air traffic controllers and TSA agents are showing up, unpaid at this point, and unwilling to risk our safety.

That's what makes this group of individuals so special. Thank you!

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.