Every few years, the Kentucky Derby Festival changes the colors of the jackets, but the design is always about the same. It is a solid, often vibrant color, with Pegasus horses scattered all over them. They are loud, tacky and uniquely Kentucky Derby Festival. 

A couple years ago, a guy named Andre Wilson was hired to take the same design and bring new colors to it. He did. The jackets look almost exactly like they have for the past 20 plus years except now they are a hot pink with teal Pegasus horses on them. Wilson did the job he was hired to do and was paid in full. Suddenly, he’s threatening to sue the Festival claiming, “I created something. Now the Festival is … getting ready to literally make millions off of it.” 

Let me be clear. He created nothing. He swapped colors on an existing design as he was asked to do. He is trying to get something for nothing, which is disgusting. The millions that he says the festival will make is the money the staff and volunteers raise every year to put on all the events for you and me including Thunder Over Louisville.

The Derby Festival is a nonprofit, and Andre Wilson is trying to manufacture a way to take money he is absolutely not entitled to. Where I come from, that is not honorable.    

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

WDRB President and General Manager