Our new world of ultra-political correctness has some benefits. The purpose, of course, is to stop having fun at other people's expense. It is to stop using language that marginalizes someone or reinforces stereotypes.

This is noble and good and we should strive for that. It is to treat people the way we would like to be treated in every way, except this political correctness movement does not include forgiveness.

For example, no one can make a mistake anymore. If they stumble over a word and a sound comes out that offends someone, the only solution is to fire them. We don't judge them on the body of their life's work or behavior, but on a "gotcha" moment that makes us feel superior for a minute.

If someone said or did something that was considered acceptable in a different time, but is deemed offensive today, the PC Police demand the death sentence for their career or legacy.

Where will we find good people who will run for political office, or write edgy literature, or who will teach our young people critical thinking if they are to be held to this unattainable standard of human perfection? In their place we will find mediocre milquetoasts who have never failed because they have never risked anything.

Without some safety net of forgiveness, I'm not sure we will wind up with the better world we seek.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.