Louisville quite often moves forward despite well-meaning obstructionists. 

You may remember back in the 70s Delta wanted to put a hub in Shelby County. That would have been life-changing for this region, but the political and business leadership fought it and successfully killed it. That was a lost opportunity.   

When Jerry Abramson's administration wanted to expand the Louisville airport to increase the capacity of the UPS hub here in the late 80s the people who lived near the airport fought it until they lost, and it has been a boon for our economy. 

Years ago neighbors went to court to prevent the Baxter Avenue Theaters from going into the Mid-City Mall. They lost and those theaters have been great for the Highlands. 

Walmart wanted to put a quality-of-life changing store in the West End, but a few fools starting dictating terms and Walmart said, "Never mind." Another lost opportunity. 

River Fields fought the east end bridge, ultimately failing, but they caused an unnecessary $300 million tunnel to be built and prevented a logical exit to be added at Hwy 42.  The bridge has been a real blessing for traffic flow. 

History shows there always will a group of neighbors to oppose any progress, but that doesn’t mean what they protest will be bad for the neighborhood at all. In most cases it has turned out rather well.

What are your thoughts?

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

WDRB President and General Manager