POV | Bill Lamb

I believe I've been pretty fair in my opinions about President Trump since his inauguration, criticizing him when I thought he was wrong and defending him when I thought he wasn't getting a fair shake.

Mr. Trump owes his electoral success to those who say they want to Make America Great Again. And while I believe America still IS great and always has been, I understand their reasoning.

Whether it's the Reagan era, the World War II years, or somewhere in between, these people are remembering times when life seemed more certain. When they felt better about their own status and were more insulated from global problems than they ever could be today.

I don't recall any time in my life when a president's diplomatic performance has been so roundly criticized by both parties as has President Trump's. And for good reason. Never in our history has an American President accepted the unverified assurance of the corrupt leader of one of our most dangerous adversaries -- over the virtually unanimous, exhaustively studied advice of his own advisers and our intelligence community. This is troubling even if he now says he misspoke one word.

For whatever reason, Mr. Trump is allying himself with a nation that has repeatedly sworn to bury us. I must add my voice to the many bipartisan others who are asking, "Why?"