I’m almost done with the topic of how easily people are offended these days, but not quite. Sometimes things said or done are offensive. Usually they are not.  These things that allegedly offend are usually nothing more than manufactured drama intended to call attention to an underappreciated, self-serving little twerp. 

If someone close to you offends you, we never hear about it, right? You work it out in private, as you should. But with the ones we hear about, in most cases, these folks don’t have any relationship to the person who offended them, so it’s easy to call for severe punishments! 

Suppose somebody I don’t know says something that really does offend me, you know what happens? Nothing. I don’t bleed, I don’t get shingles, I don’t even have to take a pill. I’m serious – nothing happens.  And since nothing happened, it seems kind of silly for me to overreact and do something unforgiving like call for a boycott or for someone to be fired, unless I’m trying to draw attention to how wonderful and sensitive I am.   

Most of what offends us is not worth our attention anyway. If you’re easily offended, be offended in private, if you must, but stop involving the rest of us, because your neediness and thin skin has become a little offensive. 

What are your thoughts?  Call and let us know.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.