Sports fans have always speculated how an athlete from one era would do against one from another era. How would Joe Louis or Mike Tyson have fared against Muhammad Ali when they were all in their prime?

Could Ben Hogan compete with Tiger Woods when they were both in their prime? Maybe, if they used the same technology in their equipment. Remember, Hogan never played on greens as nice as Tiger plays on.

I think most pundits would agree that the 1960 Green Bay Packers could not compete with one of today’s NFL teams. Shoot, they would probably get clobbered by Alabama or Clemson.

The players today are considerably bigger, stronger and faster. The same would probably hold true if you put the 1963 Celtics against the Golden State Warriors of today.

One team sport where I think the old teams could compete very well is baseball. I don’t think that today’s players are more skilled. Yes, they’re bigger and stronger, but wait! The 1961 World Champion New York Yankees hit 240 home runs. This year, Boston hit 208.

And back then, ball parks were bigger than the new ones of today. Today’s money ball analytics might give modern teams an advantage, but I still like the way the old school guys managed – with heart, experience, and gut.

I’m Bill Lamb. Send me your thoughts and I’ll pass them on to our Sports Department. Maybe they’ll weigh in too.

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