In November of next year, American voters will decide if President Donald Trump receives another four years or if one of his challengers will lead the nation.

The election is exactly one year away; however, the majority of us already know how we plan to vote.

That's because we consider ourselves Republican, Democrat or Independent. But why are we so attached to political parties?

What if we remove the (R) and (D) on the ballot box and vote on the issues that best align with our interests and beliefs?

Does the other candidate have an idea that you like? If so, why can't you cross party lines and vote for the person instead of the party?

I think it is safe to say most of us want the best for our country. Why vote against your best interest just because you're a Republican or Democrat and the person on the ballot is from the opposing party?

Winston Churchill said, "Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party." I don't know about you, but I would much rather change my party than my principles.

I'm Dale Woods, and that's my Point of View.

President, General Manager

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