It's time for the Kentucky General Assembly to direct elsewhere the money raised by the Kentucky Lottery -- besides just college scholarships and grants.

Now that President Biden plans to erase thousands of dollars in student loan debt, it's time to pivot away from contributing at just a collegiate level. 

Last year alone, $40 million in scholarships and grants were given to college students in Jefferson County. That's a huge amount of money. And I'm an advocate for keeping that money in our education system but also to benefit elementary, middle, or high schoolers. 

Imagine how that money could help younger students, improving the structure of schools that desperately need it - to helping kids inside the classroom. Everything from new iPads and textbooks to funding for mental health resources.

I've talked about our teacher and bus driver shortage before. It would be nice to see money put towards improving that situation. Perhaps some of the money could be put toward the teacher retirement fund, which could help attract and retain teachers. 

The Kentucky Lottery does so much good for our community, and this is an opportunity to spread the wealth and help others.  If the President wants to eliminate student loan debts, there's no point in filling that pot.

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President, General Manager

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