An out of control driver hit a family of four in downtown Louisville - killing a father.  It's a terrible tragedy - one that I think could have been prevented.   

Concrete bollards should've been in place to protect this family - and anyone walking in a busy area of downtown.  It's a simple and cost effective way to protect people from reckless drivers. The city of Louisville protects property and businesses with these concrete pillars - now it's time to protect the people. 

Here's what our viewers had to say:

“Mr. Mayor, our city is not safe. Not for our citizens, and certainly not for our visitors.”

“I'm embarrassed as a Louisvillian, over these people getting hit by a car and the father dying. It's terrible. I'm embarrassed for the city. I think the mayor needs to cough up some of the cash that he spends on frivolous items and get the bollards in place. Come on, Mayor. Do your job, pal.”

“Big trucks have to make those corners,and as we all know, they're going to take a little bit out of the corner.”

“I am so tired of us putting the blame for things on the wrong things. We need to put the blame on the people that are committing these crimes.”

“You can put up all the barriers you want. You can do all the safety precautions you want. But the thing about it is, there's too many ignorant people out there that don't care about life or nobody else but theirself.”

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