With shootings and homicides skyrocketing, Mayor Greg Fischer has been talking about reimagining, public safety.

Fischer’s approach to the problem is broader than just the police.

Some of these ideas are good. Young people who have had run-ins with the law ought to be paired with a mentor.

And, social workers – not cops – are best equipped to handle issues of homelessness, public intoxication and mental health.

What’s missing from the mayor’s budget is any significant increase in funding for the main way we prevent violence: the police.

LMPD is well below the total number of officers it could employ. This makes no sense at a time when we can’t seem to make it through a weekend without another shooting.

We have state and federal task forces focused on gangs, maybe it’s time for an LMPD gang unit. Could we install more street cameras to catch perpetrators? How about money for rewards for tips that solve cases?

Make arrests for murder. Get illegal guns off the streets. The best way to prevent violence, is to show that there are consequences for it.

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