The past few weeks have seen more restaurants closing in downtown Louisville. There should be a three-step approach, and it is crucial it happens in the correct order. Number one, Mayor Fischer needs to clean up Louisville streets.

Number two, Governor Beshear must enable the restaurants to open. As businesses begin to open and the thousands of employees start to work in the city again, there must be somewhere to go.

Finally, the pandemic must be on its way out. People will come to city businesses if these steps are accomplished in this order. If Louisville is going to protect the businesses it has left, the message must start from the Mayor’s office.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I lay the blame on both the governor and the mayor. They did not protect this city. They could have shut down the rioters because of COVID-19, but they didn't do it. They didn't care about us."

"The governor has done what needs to be done. When it comes to saving people's lives, shutting things down was not a way of punishment, but it was a way of trying to stop people from spreading the virus."

"We should stop worrying about our restaurants as much as we do, and start worrying about getting kids going back to school."

"We, as citizens, must first take responsibility and do our part to stop the spread."

"Step One, Two, and Three...let's do it!"

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