A bill requiring a transportation board be set up containing nine business community members passed Senate committee. The Governor would have to select a transportation secretary from a pool of candidates chosen by the board. Senate President Stivers claims the transportation secretary has been a purely political position. If he and his Republican cronies plan to change that tradition, the board must be filled by citizens that don't have their pockets lined and aren't part of the good old boy system.

Here's what you had to say: 

“Mr. Woods I think you hit the hammer dead on the nail. The good old boy network is destroying the state of Kentucky with higher taxes and no performance.”

“When the governor gets elected and the rest of his ticket does not get elected he can’t expect to get much done because he is there all alone. That’s the way it’s always been; it’ s called politics. ”

“You want to worry about the good old boys now? Where in the hell have you been for the last 30 years? Actually ever since Kentucky became a state it’s been run by nothing but good old boys. Sick of all of them”

“They need to fix the roads or my car is going to be broken down.”

“My mother’s favorite saying was ‘fools’ names like fools’ faces always appear in public places, let’s clean it up.’

President, General Manager

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