A Democrat was elected Governor, so let's strip him of his power. That's what the Republican controlled Senate wants to do. The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill through committee that would keep the Governor from freely selecting the transportation secretary. This bill suggests a transportation board be set up containing nine business community members. The Governor would have to select a transportation secretary from a pool of candidates chosen by the board.

I would be happy to volunteer to serve on this transportation board. I keep my eyes on this community. I see piles of trash along Interstate 71. I notice the frequency of spray paint on highway signs along with potholes and deteriorating roads. Why would we expect new businesses to move to Louisville when we present ourselves this way?

Senate President Robert Stivers, who co-sponsored this bill, claims every administration makes the transportation secretary a purely political position. If he and his Republican cronies plan to change that tradition, the board must be filled by citizens that don't have their pockets lined and aren't part of the good old boy system.

What's your opinion? Call us and tell us what you think. I'm Dale Woods, and that's my Point of View.

President, General Manager

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