Where were you on 9/11? Not a single one of us who was around has any difficulty answering that question, even 20 years later. 

We remember the emotion. We remember the shared response. We remember the unity of a nation attacked, and then determined.

We mourned the dead. We cleaned up the wreckage. We built memorials. We built the Freedom Tower.

We replaced our buildings. But we have not rebuilt our spirit.

Two decades after the deadliest attack on our mainland in this nation's history, we remember the moment, but we have lost the shared sentiment of that time. We have devolved into petty political disputes.

It's much easier when the enemy attacks with planes than when the enemy is our own unwillingness to listen to each other. But the lives lost on that day demand that we do just that.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, let us all take a moment to be quiet, to listen to the echoes of that day, and to heed the call of that moment that we are better when we stand together over what is most important than when we split apart over what is not.

How do you remember 9/11? Call and share with us, I’m Dale Woods and that’s my Point of View.

President, General Manager

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