Another wave of violence is casting a dark shadow on Louisville.  Nine shootings were reported in Jefferson County over the weekend. Lawmakers need to set a standard: life in prison if convicted of a homicide. Wanton endangerment needs to be addressed also for the people who think it's acceptable to fire a gun on a busy interstate or into people’s homes.

Criminals need to realize if they pull the trigger, they've sealed their fate. It's a tragedy to have 123 homicides in Louisville this year and it should be ammunition for change. 

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"If you do the crime you should do the time. It’s pretty bad when people who are just dealing with drugs do more time than someone who kills someone."

"I think a lot of the shootings have to do with drugs and young people just trying to get in gangs. I think if the police crack down on those two things, a lot of the shootings would stop. Until then, it's just going to continue."

"Penalties just are not tough enough to deter the criminals. They know they'll get out in a day or two. Money is not even a factor."

"The punishment must fit the crime."

"The state of Kentucky needs to revise its laws, build more prisons, and bring back the death penalty."

"Criminals don't care about life in prison. The death penalty is a great deterrent for crime."

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