Here we go again. Louisville turned into the wild wild west over the weekend  with nine shootings in Jefferson County.  This constant cycle of violence is fracturing our city and challenging police departments that are already short-staffed. So far this year, LMPD has responded to 323 non-fatal shootings and 123 homicides.

I guarantee dozens of more families would be planning a funeral for a loved one, if it weren't for the great trauma doctors in our community. They're the unsung heroes in all of this. 

But before things escalate even more — like Chicago, where they had 63 shootings over the weekend — we need to change the standard. If someone is convicted of a homicide, they should automatically face life in prison.  Maybe that would deter people from shooting in the first place.

Wanton endangerment needs to be addressed also for the criminals who think it's acceptable to fire a gun on a busy interstate or recklessly shoot into people’s homes.  At some point, these offenders need to know if they pull the trigger, they've sealed their fate.

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