Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripping up a copy of President Trump's State of the Union address was disrespectful toward everyone being honored. This behavior is inexcusable. Your responses were so numerous I feel it is necessary to give you a bonus viewer response day. Here are more of your Points of View.

Peggy Phillips "Disrespect" is putting it mildly. Grounds for recall is more what I would call it.

Theresa Burgess Waddell She didn't owe him anything! He has been disrespectful to her since the beginning. He recently refused to publicly shake her hand.

Travis Garrison Our whole government has been acting like some spoiled teenagers lately. All parties are guilty of some type of silliness.

Pauletta Lynn Harp Disgrace, disrespect, adults who are supposed to lead our country...find common ground. Quit putting yourselves first.

Penny Stanton I'm not concerned about the childishly torn up "paper". Total disregard of people who were victims of violence and their family. That is DISRESPECTFUL!

David Grantz Let’s see what the American public thinks in November. I think the choice is pretty clear.

Lisa Faye Smith Childish and immature behavior from all political figures today. Grow the hell up and get rid of all of them. Time to start fresh.

Teana Mariee At the end of the day who really cares? I’m positive she is NOT losing sleep over what any of you have to say.

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