Tuesday President Trump gave his third State of the Union, that’s the event where half of the audience cheers and applauds and the other half stares stoically and can barely muster a smile. At the end of the speech, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped up her copy for all of America to see. When she tore those pages she destroyed the stories of heroes. She tarnished the luster of the Medal of Freedom. Her disrespect towards the president and those honored is inexcusable.

Tammy Sue Her disrespect for those honored is beyond words. She’s out of control. That wasn’t the time to display to the U.S. her dislike of the president.

Sue Durbin-Pfeiffer Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to the American people. I feel bad for all who were being honored and to witness a temper tantrum by the speaker of the house.

Bill Wathen I’m with her.

Carolyn Warinner Smith I absolutely agree; it was like a toddler having a tantrum in front of the whole country. It was an embarrassment to our nation.

Pattie Michler Hopkins Tearing up the president’s speech was inexcusable. With that being said, Donald Trump’s refusal to shake Nancy Pelosi’s hand was also inexcusable.

Ronald Boss She refused to introduce him respectfully, which was her duty.

Theresa Burgess Waddell She didn't owe him anything! He has been disrespectful to her since the beginning. He recently refused to publicly shake her hand.

Clarice Tilford She's giving back what he gives.

Patricia Williams Roark As speaker of the house she should respect the office. She can hate the man but respect the office.

President, General Manager

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