Many were rightfully worried COVID cases would rise after the Fourth of July. People had gathered for the holiday and when the numbers started elevating, the community understood why. Within days, Governor Beshear implemented a statewide mask mandate. The numbers continued to remain high for the first couple of weeks, but recently have started to wane. Apparently, the case rates didn’t fall fast enough, so the governor went looking for other options.

This week, Beshear passively accused Kentucky’s restaurants of enabling the virus. He ordered them to reduce capacity back to 25 percent. Kentucky’s governor has once again punished the service industry. Up to this point, restaurants have complied with the rules. They have jumped through hoop after hoop to satisfy opening mandates. These businesses have fought for the right to remain open, and they are being singled out.

Now the Governor is saying the current numbers are looking better. If they continue, restaurants can return to 50 percent capacity within weeks. Governor Beshear needs to prove the source of transmissions, before he condemns entire economic sectors. Contact tracing must be used to determine where spreads actually are. Starving restaurants on a whim is reckless. Data must be the driving force behind closures.

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