Talk about Hoosier hospitality at its finest, this time from the government.

Tax refund checks are finally being mailed out, if you live in Indiana, and could arrive at your house as early as next week. And it gets even better. During a special session, Indiana lawmakers approved another refund, meaning more money in the hands of Hoosiers.

I think it's great, especially at a time where inflation is killing our country. Grocery prices increased 13% just in July. People have to choose between putting food on the table or gas in their car, so every little bit helps.

I'd love to see something like this happen in Kentucky. The state ended the past fiscal year with nearly a $1 billion surplus. The money is there, and we know Kentuckians need it.

I appreciate Republicans passing a trigger law that will incrementally lower state taxes over the next few years. The catch is the state has to reach certain financial benchmarks along the way, and that will take years. Kentuckians can't wait years. People need help now. Let's follow Indiana's lead and several other states that are doing the same thing by sending out taxpayer refund checks. 

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