Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you spend time with your family, eat way too much food and watch some football. Thanksgiving is a holiday known for its traditions. My family has a couple traditions during the meal.

In the first tradition we reflect over the past year and give our thanks. The quirky twist is you must say your thanks in ascending alphabetical order. The first person says thanks for something beginning with the Letter A. The next uses the letter B and so on. It's all good unless you get stuck with the letters Q, X or Z.

Another tradition was always having green bean casserole. Last year my kids petitioned to end this custom, and I couldn't have been happier. Yes, Green beans are healthy, but not when you add cream of mushroom soup and fried onions on top. This dish is not worth the calories or the real estate in your stomach. Save those calories and have some pie. Enjoy your family time and ban the soupy sad mess called green bean casserole.

I'm Dale Woods and that's my Point of View.