In just about 24 hours over the weekend, four people in Louisville were killed. Then, come Monday, two more shootings.

Whether you think your neighborhood is safe or not, the surge in gun violence should alarm all of us.

Louisville has already logged 43 homicides in 2021. That’s more than double from this time last year.

All this violence during the winter months should make us shudder to think about what’s ahead this summer.

As we emerge from one public health crisis, let's not sit back and allow another one to fester.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"You need to get the kids educated. You need to get them out of the gangs. You need to get the churches open. Get the fathers back in their homes, and do not go after that second amendment!"

"The gang problem, here in the Louisville area, is a bigger issue to the shootings and killings than we're telling the public."

"Until we get some leadership in this city, and we get a police department back up to snuff the way it was...put the gang squad back in...we're going to continue to have the problem we've got now."

"People need to have a change of heart, and think before they pull that trigger."

"You commit a crime with a gun, it's an automatic ten year (sentence). You kill somebody with a gun? Automatic 30. I promise you, the murders will stop."

"Well, if you want to defund the police... that's what you're going to get."

President, General Manager

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