Many thousands of Kentuckians have had trouble getting their unemployment benefits. It was a problem when the pandemic began. It’s still a problem, one year later.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has been getting the same robocall message for months. Or someone who wrote one of those 400,000 emails begging for help. Emails that were never even opened.

I understand why many Kentuckians were angered by the news earlier this week. Last spring, a lucky few people who were connected to Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman – such as her hairdresser – received concierge service with their unemployment benefits.

At the same time so many Kentuckians were desperate to reach any human being in the unemployment office, a fortunate few, like the Lt. Governor’s hairdresser, got same-day calls from the director of the office himself.

Coleman was in charge of unemployment at the time. Instead of fixing the problem for all Kentuckians, the texts reveal that top state officials were instead opening a back door for only a few.

Everyone who has been stuck waiting their turn to get through the front door, should see this episode for what it is: a slap in the face.

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