This is Cane Madden. He is accused of raping and fracturing the skull of an eight-year-old girl. This assault allegedly happened the last time Madden slipped through the cracks between prison and mental health facilities. His attorney doesn’t want the public to see the results of his competency hearing. People should have a right to medical privacy, but the lines are blurred when public safety comes into play.  Prosecutors have warned state legislators this type of problem is widespread. State mental health officials and legislators must continue to work together to close this loophole. Meaningful change can only, and must, come from legislators.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"If these legislatures couldn't come to a bill and a conclusion after seeing the facts, these folks need to be replaced."

"If you would put those numbers of those bills up, we could all call our state legislators. It's really, really simple."

"I find it very difficult to understand how many intelligent people are in charge of everything, but don't know what to do with him. He shouldn't be even allowed to be alive."

"He needs to go to jail and stay there, and go and get some kind of help."

"They can't be out there doing this."

"Why is this man being kept alive?"

"Shame on Kentucky law."

President, General Manager

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