The stage is set for the presidential election – and for the presidential debates. We knew that Joe Biden and Donald Trump would tip things off in the first of three planned debates. Now we know Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will face off in a vice-presidential debate. This year the value should be high. These debates will intermingle entertainment with policy. No one knows what might be said, sometimes, not even the candidates themselves. It is yet to be determined if the disputes will change anyone’s opinion. One thing is certain—the debates will be entertaining must-see TV.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

Bob Dominguez: Some people may find the debates entertaining, but I don’t think they will sway anyone’s mind.

Kathy Gay: Only 2 on the platform, should be able to socially distance this! Going to be a "show" for sure!!!!!

Kristi Robertson: I don't watch them. They just end up putting each other down instead of really getting anywhere. I can't stand to watch arguing.

Dewey Raisor: No new ideas on either side. Just once, I’d like to see something new. I’d like to vote for somebody, not against the other guy.

Linda Rogers: Never going to happen. Biden will worm his way out somehow.

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