There's a new challenge on social media that's going viral, but not for a good reason.

Tik Tok users are posting videos harassing or assaulting teachers, and vandalizing school property. It is happening across the country, and even here at home.

Some students in Oldham and Jefferson County schools ripped soap dispensers and mirrors off the wall in their school bathrooms. JCPS administrators warned parents about the prank and also talked about the consequences, if students break the rules.

Social media can be used in a positive way, but when it starts compromising the safety inside local classrooms, something needs to change. 

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"Put them to work and make them pay for the damage that they've done."

"The problem with these kids is there's no consequences, there's no punishment, and there's no responsibility. You can blame the parents, you can blame the school board, and you can blame the judges for that."

"I think we wouldn't have the problem if we had more discipline for our children. Nobody can spank their child. Nobody seems to have control of their children anymore."

"If your children are so ignorant they don't know the difference between right and wrong, then you've got a problem at home. It's not social media. It's the parenting."

"It all started when we took God out of the schools. Put God back in school and the prisons will be less crowded."

"Bring back paddling. They will soon realize there's consequences for their actions."

President, General Manager

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