Remember when our kids would play outside all day, and wouldn't come home until the street lights came on?  When building forts actually meant building them - with sticks and leaves, instead of creating them online or inside a video game?

Life used to be more simple, and so did parenting, until social media came along.  There is a new prank on Tik Tok social media that encourages users to slap their teacher, vandalize school property, then post a video of it.  Some students in Oldham and Jefferson County schools ripped soap dispensers and mirrors off the wall in their school bathrooms. 

JCPS leaders have warned parents about the prank, and talked about the consequences for students who break the rules.  When social media starts infiltrating safety inside the classroom, something needs to change.

More restrictions need to be placed on these applications, especially ones targeting kids.  And those companies that fail, need to be held accountable. 

Social media has exposed kids to a new world, with new possibilities, but not all of them are good. 

Lets hold each other accountable, and do better - if not for ourselves, than for our future generation. 

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President, General Manager

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