Vaccines continue to roll out and, thankfully, our lives are beginning to return to normal.

But as the job market regains its footing, ever notice how many "now hiring" signs you see around town? Some restaurants are even scaling back their hours because they can't find enough people to work.

But I have to wonder if these labor shortages also have something to do with all that stimulus money sloshing around in the economy ... from the direct checks, to the $300 per week extra unemployment aid.

Governor Beshear made the right call by asking those on unemployment to simply list at least one job they've applied for each week to maintain their benefits.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"They give too much money for the unemployed. They should get a job."

"I am a manager at a fast food restaurant and we cannot keep employees at all."

"People are enjoying all of this free money while they're getting it. They're not going to go back to work."

"People don't want to work because the government is taking care of us. If they don't have to work and the government is sending them money... that's called full control. The government tells you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it."

"It won't matter that he put that clause in about who they've applied for during the week, if they don't check those all out though, because people will lie about it."

"Cut all the extra free money out. Get them back to work."

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