The Kentucky legislature has given restaurants the ability to sell alcoholic drinks to go with carryout orders. Gov. Andy Beshear started this with a temporary emergency order. On Friday, lawmakers voted to make it permanent. 

This is just common sense. Restaurants can safely seal up a draft beer or a freshly made cocktail for their customers to enjoy at home. Some might worry about increased risk of drinking and driving. It’s against the law to have an open container in your vehicle – whether you bought it at a gas station or at a restaurant.  

Louisville has a tremendous local restaurant scene and supporting them is something we can all say “cheers.” 

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Say what you will, but the city is just promoting drunk driving."

"What difference does it make if they get it at a restaurant, or a bar, and take it home? If they go to a liquor store and buy it they still have to get in a car and drive and take it home."

Wherever they buy it, they still have to get in a car and drive and take it home."

President, General Manager

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