From dividing our city to a hole in one, Topgolf is set to open its first Kentucky location Friday, and it doesn't come without controversy.

The new development is opening at Oxmoor Center in Louisville, and I'm sensitive to those who opposed it for reasons like increased traffic, noise and bright lights. But, overall, I think this is a positive move for our city. 

Topgolf will create 500 new jobs, which will bring a much needed boost for our local economy.

It's also another attraction for locals and tourists to enjoy, which ultimately generates more revenue for our community.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I think Topgolf is good to keep your game in shape and also for the elderly to keep them moving around."

"Topgolf is just the beginning. I hope the community could come together and there will be more of these."

"Five hundred new jobs. That's awesome."

"It's going to bring jobs and it's going to give people a venue where they can improve their golf games. And I think it's a good thing for the city of Louisville."

"I think it’s about time the city of Louisville starts spending some money outside the Watterson Expressway. Quit spending it at all downtown. It's our tax money."

"That's way over there in the rich white man's land."

President, General Manager

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